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IPL Kooragang

IPL Kooragang

Welcome to Incitec Pivot Limited's (IPL) Kooragang Island website and online community forum. This site is for people interested in our feasibility study into the construction of a world-class ammonium nitrate plant on our existing Kooragang Island industrial site.

As part of our role to listen and respond to the community and other key stakeholders, we invite all interested parties to register online and join the conversation.

By registering, people can receive information regarding the feasibility process, news and project updates, plus post questions to IPL's project team and participate in an online discussion forum.

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News and Project Updates

PAC Meeting

The Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) has announced that it will hold a public meeting into the IPL proposal for a new AN facility on Kooragang Island.  The meeting is scheduled for 3 PM Wednesday 29 October at Newcastle City Hall.

For more information go www.pac.nsw.gov.au


Project Update

The Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Report and Recommended Project Approval conditions are now available on the Department of Planning & Environment website and have been referred to the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) for determination. 

The PAC will review the Assessment Report and set a date for a Public Meeting.

To view the report go to www.majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au



Response to Submissions report submitted to Department of Planning and Infrastructure

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was prepared in accordance with NSW legislation and placed on public exhibition between 12 September 2012 and 29 October 2012.

IPL undertook extensive consultation with key stakeholders and the community throughout the development of the EIS. 

IPL has prepared a Response to Submissions report which responds to and addresses the submissions received during the public exhibition.

IPL has submitted the Response to Submissions report to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DP&I) and it has been placed on the Department’s website.  Click on the following link http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/index.pl?action=view_job&job_id=4986 to see the full report.

 The DP&I will now assess the EIS and the Response to Submissions Report and the Director General of the DP&I will prepare an assessment report for the project, taking into account comments received in the submissions from relevant Government agencies, stakeholders and members of the community. The Director General will submit his report and recommendation to the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) for determination. 

Project Update

The public exhibition of the Environmental Impact Statement has now closed.

In accordance with the NSW Planning legislation, IPL will now review the submissions and prepare a response to all issues raised and submit it to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DP&I). The DP&I will then make an assessment and refer it to the Planning Assessment Commission who will make a determination on the project.  This is expected to be in early 2013.

Incitec Pivot Defers Development of Ammonium Nitrate Plant at Newcastle, New South Wales

Incitec Pivot Limited today announced it had suspended its feasibility study on the development of an ammonium nitrate manufacturing complex at its Kooragang Island Site in Newcastle, New South Wales.

The decision on whether to proceed with the development has been deferred for at least two years, reflecting the anticipated reduction in demand for ammonium nitrate and the high cost of construction in Australia. At this time, the project has not met IPL’s strict financial hurdles.

IPL will continue to seek regulatory approval and the Environmental Impact Statement will continue with the public exhibition process and conclude on 29 October 2012.

IPL will continue to keep the community informed as the company moves to seek final determination of the planning approval from NSW Government in early 2013.

Environmental Impact Statement on Public Exhibition


Community feedback is now being sought on Incitec Pivot Limited’s Environmental Impact Assessment, as part of its proposal to build a new ammonium nitrate manufacturing facility on the existing industrial site at Kooragang Island.

Community members are invited to attend Community Information Sessions:

Thursday 20th September, 1-4pm and 6-8pm

Stockton Senior Citizens Centre: 76 Mitchell St, Stockton


Saturday 22nd September, 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm

Mayfield Senior Citizens Centre: Hanbury St Mayfield

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is on public exhibition from Wednesday 12 September to Monday 29 October 2012. The full EIS and the summary document can be viewed on this website.

To make a submission, visit http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/page/on-exhibition/ . Your submission must reach the Department of Planning and Infrastructure by Monday 29 October 2012.

Incitec Pivot's Community Survey


Incitec Pivot Limited (IPL) engaged Coakes Consulting to undertake a random phone survey of Newcastle residents in April 2012, in order to measure

  • Awareness and knowledge of the company and its activities
  • Community attitudes towards IPL
  • Concerns and perceptions regarding potential impacts (positive and negative) of IPL’s proposed development project
  • Preferences in relation to the information content, frequency, and methods of communication between IPL and residents.

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Call for Local Suppliers and Contractors


IPL is seeking the interest of local suppliers and contractors who would like to be considered for the project. 

For further detail, please refer to the ICN webpage to register your interest.  



IPL's Community Liaison Group


Members of the recently established Incitec Pivot Limited – Community Liaison Group (IPL – CLG) have met for the first time in Stockton on Tuesday 6 March, 2012.

As part of IPL’s ongoing commitment to community consultation, the group was formed to provide community representatives the opportunity to increase their understanding of IPL’s proposal to construct an ammonium nitrate plant on Kooragang Island and to raise concerns and feedback directly, on behalf of the community, with IPL management.

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Local radio (1233) coverage on Incitec Pivot Limited


Recent local ABC radio (1233) and website coverage of Incitec Pivot Limited’s ( IPL) feasibility study into building a world class ‘ammonium nitrate’ plant on its existing Kooragang Island industrial site referred to the proposal as an ‘ammonium plant’.

IPL’s proposed facility does not include an ammonia manufacturing operation; ammonia will be imported on-site via ship, and converted into ammonium nitrate.

ABC also reported on IPL’s Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA), which included that the ‘Hunter River will act as a natural barrier to mitigate any ill effects on Stockton”. Local residents have raised valid concerns regarding IPL’s PEA statement on the Hunter River acting as a natural barrier following recent events at Kooragang Island.

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